We don’t need to tell you that this beautiful corner of the Peak District is a very special place. The millions of people who visit every year are a bit of a clue. But for many of us lucky enough to live here, the sheer beauty of the place can often be relegated to a backdrop for our day-to-day lives. The hills and edges flash by on the commute to work, the drama of Winnat’s Pass is just another stretch of road to be navigated on the school run, the whoop of the curlew blends into the cacophony of modern life.

The idea of the the Hope Valley Journal is to allow us to stop for a while and take in the wonders that surround us: the landscapes, the wildlife, the plants, the people. To celebrate this wonderful place through beautiful words and images. To learn more about the surroundings we may have taken for granted. To see our home through the eyes of those it has inspired for generations.

This is not your normal local magazine – we hope the Hope Valley Journal will be a thing to be treasured, both by Hope Valley residents and those further afield who love this place.

We hope you enjoy it.

The team

Kate Chappell – Editor

Kate is a magazine journalist and editor with twenty years' experience in consumer publishing. She is also an accomplished photographer and designer. She has lived with her family in the Hope Valley for three years and is continually surprised and inspired by the people, nature and landscapes of the valley.

The Contributors

We have a growing band of talented photographers, writers and illustrators creating wonderful content for the Hope Valley Journal. If you’d like to contribute, we’d love to hear from you. Just click here to get in touch.